Homework: Digital Footprint

Research the digital footprint of the student you selected and write a short profile based on what you find online.

This story should have a lead and a nut graph.

Word length: 200 to 250 words.

Due: Wednesday before class.

Paste your profile in the comments section of this post.

30 thoughts on “Homework: Digital Footprint”

  1. Desiree Olszewski-Lopez studies at the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School of Journalism for her Master’s degree.
    Desiree is from Fontana, California. Her mother is Ann Lopez and her father is Richard Lopez. Her brother, Robert lives in San Bernardino. Desiree is a musician… she enjoys singing and playing the guitar. She also likes Pikachu from Pokemon.

    1. Looks like Desiree has done a good job maintaining a low profile online. After a quick scan, I couldn’t find much information either, so you didn’t have a whole lot to work with.

      Sometimes you have to go with what you get, and in this case I think focusing on her online anonymity would’ve made for a better lead sentence, e.g. “Desiree Olszewski-Lopez knows how to keep a low profile.”

  2. Tyler Hawkins

    Boise State University’s top journalist, Tyler Hawkins, has taken his talents to the University of Southern California. Receiving his acceptance letter from one of the nation’s best journalism programs must have come at no surprise to the well seasoned masters candidate.

    Hawkins, who also likes to go by Ty, appears to have a deep love for his hometown as he did not venture far from Boise, Idaho; he becomes really passionate about the way people pronounce Boise, apparently it is “Boy-see” and not the commonly mispronounced “Boy-zee.” The aspiring journalist graduated from Boise State University with a BA in Mass Communications and Journalism according to his Facebook profile.

    Boise State University published a student spotlight on their top journalist praising the then senior for representing his school as a McNair Research Scholar at the 40th Annual National Association of Black Journalists Convention and Career Fair. It was not unexpected that the Golden State Warriors and Oakland A’s fan would conduct his research on America’s TV Pastime: An Analysis of Why Professional Sports Fans Prefer Watching the National Football League Over Major League Baseball on Television. Hawkins credits his success to Jay Harris of ESPN and Jerry McCormick a news producer at KOIN 6 in Portland, Oregon.

    1. Good job pulling together facets of Tyler’s life to make a narrative. The first paragraph sounds a bit like a press release, which is not a good thing. But otherwise you’ve managed to keep a narrative thread.

      A few notes:

      The way you incorporated the title of his research into the story is clunky. It would’ve been better to just summarize the topic. Also, the sentence before that reads a little weird, since you’re basically saying it’s no surprise a fan of basketball and baseball would focus on baseball, and then the actual research topic appears to be about how people prefer watching football instead of baseball. I think the point you’re trying to make is that it’s not surprising that a sports fan would write about sports, but the way you bounce around between different sports clouds the meaning.

  3. Lamarco McClendon is a distinguished individual who has achieved his accomplishments by overcoming obstacles that many who face the same difficulties do not. Regardless of these obstacles, Lamarco graduated first in his class as a Summa Cum Laude with a 4.0 GPA in Mass Communications and Film. During his time at Rust College, Lamarco was the Vice President of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, and the Vice President of the Student Ministry Fellowship. He also played a large role on RC/TV television news as their primary news anchor.
    While Lamarco McClendon may sound like the ideal pupil each student aspires to be, his blessings have in no way been handed to him. Fifty percent of North American young adults the same age as Lamarco face the struggle that this star pupil had to overcome. Lamarco comes from a family where his father and mother had separated during this childhood.
    While Lamarco overcame this struggle, this is a common difficulty for children in separated households. Many young adults turn to depression, drug addiction, and even gang violence in order to cope with the separation of their parents. Studies at Harvard Press University had uncovered that children in separated families have experienced lower academic results and psychological problems that would further affect their future. Lamarco McClendon is a star individual that was not affected by such a barrier in his life. He was one of the few individuals who made an effort to show that such a common challenge can be faced and overcome in order to produce a star-winning accomplished pupil many aspire to be.

    1. The use of “distinguished individual” and “achieved his accomplishments” is redundant. You’re using a lot of words to get to the point that he’s basically overcome hardships that might’ve tripped others up. And at the end of that sentence the grammar falls apart: “do not” should be “have not,” because the subject (“many”) is plural, and the tense you’re matching is “has achieved” earlier in the sentence. But I would avoid this construction altogether if possible, because it’s not a strong way to finish a sentence.

      Did you find this video? https://vimeo.com/106191844

      It appears on the first page of his Google results, and he talks about his desire to act and be in the entertainment field. This information would’ve been good to include.

      You’re focusing largely on his parents being separated, bringing in abstract arguments about what that means for him. While that is an interesting topic, it also pulls me away from knowing him personally. You could mention that having separated parents is a hardship to overcome, but bringing in statistics becomes a distraction.

      (I was unable to verify his parents were separated, but I’m not spending as long on the research as you all are.)

      You have big ideas, and that’s good. But it seems like there was plenty of info about Lamarco available online that could’ve been used to craft this profile without focusing so much on larger trends in society.

  4. If one traveled to the intersection of scholarship and art, Alexandra Nicholson’s life would be found stretched out like a colorful canvas. Nicholson was reared in San Diego, California, before branching out to other California-based cities to pursue her educational endeavors.
    Since her years at Rancho Bernardo High School, Nicholson has drenched herself in the rigors of challenging academics. She thrived through classes such as AP European Civilization, AP Literature, AP English and Composition, AP Environmental Science and AP Art History. Thrive is the operative word because not only did Nicholson excel in these courses, she was honored with the AP Scholar with Distinction Award. The honor is bestowed upon students who receive scores of either fours or fives on six advanced placement exams.
    Nicholson’s extracurricular activities were bustling with diverse programs during her days at Rancho Bernardo. She was involved in choir, the Hispanic Culture Club, the Harry Potter Club, and the Sci-Fi Film Appreciation Club. Her love for diverse avenues followed her to the University of California, Santa Barbara, where she double majored in English and psychology and minored in theater. Here, too, she received academic distinctions such as being a bona fide member of two prominent honor societies, Phi Beta Kappa and Alpha Lambda Delta. Furthermore, it was during this period she, seemingly, became more practical with her passion for arts and culture.
    Between January 2014 and February 2015, Nicholson became involved with the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, where she was a volunteer, and the theatre and dance department at the University of Santa Barbara, where she oversaw the crew for one-act plays and managed the wardrobe for stage actors.
    Nicholson recently transitioned into graduate school at the University of Southern California and is working to obtain a master’s degree in specialized journalism for the arts.

    1. Good lead, although “one” is impersonal. I’d just go with “you” in that instance.

      Good job pulling everything together into a narrative.

      I don’t think “drenched herself” is the right phrase here. That makes me think she put “the rigors of challenging academics” in a bucket and dumped them out on her head.

  5. Carla Marie Javier is one of the newest students to join the University of Southern California’s MS Journalism program. Although she’s looking to further her education in journalism, she’s already made some huge accomplishments early in her career.

    As a high school student, Javier contributed to the Knoxville News Sentinel as a columnist in her hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee. She was accepted as a Clark Scholar, where she attended a summer research program for highly qualified high school juniors and seniors at Texas Tech University. After graduating high school, the young trailblazer made her way to Hollywood to join forces with a group of women, Team Give Hope, to create a documentary about domestic violence.

    Javier continued her education at Princeton University, where she joined Princeton Internships Civic Service (PICS). Through this program Javier landed an internship at WLRN Public Radio and Television of Miami. Her collaborative work was rewarded with a regional award from The Society of Profession Journalists student competition. She is also the recipient of a First Place Award in the Breaking Sports News, large radio station category from the Florida Associate Press Broadcasters competition for her story on Lebron James leaving the Miami Heat team.

    Javier is now interning with National Public Radio, but she ’s not always all about work. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, songwriting, working out, watching vloggers, and reading.

    1. You could definitely use a stronger lead. There are 60 other people to whom that sentence could apply, so that’s not what makes her special. Reworking the theme of your second sentence into the lead would’ve been a better way to go.

      “Knoxville News Sentinel as a columnist in her hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee.” This is redundant. Shorten to something like “was a columnist for her hometown newspaper, the Knoxville News Sentinel.”

      You’ve got a typo with “Profession” instead of “Professional.”

  6. For a young journalist nicknamed Kit, childhood was a whirl of all- star basketball and softball teams, academic achievement, piano lessons, even a pool. She grew up in Upland, California, with a brother and a sister, in a home where education and excellence mattered, because her mother was a college professor and her father, a high school teacher. She graduated from Upland High School, and earned both academic and athletic scholarships to Pomona College. There she played on the school’s softball team, The Sagehens, as pitcher and first baseman, starting every game and chosen most valuable player. Academically, she pursued a history degree with emphasis on Holocaust studies interviewing more than 10 Holocaust survivors for her senior thesis.

    As Caitlyn Michelle Hynes says:
    “I was set up to succeed. Although there were certainly disadvantaged areas in my community, I did not live there. We didn’t visit them unless we had too, and thus they remained separate from my awareness.”

    The summer of 2012 changed her perspective, and may have changed her passion and purpose for her work. Caitlyn writes in her article, “When Shiny Plastic Jesus Ain’t Enough” about her experiences working with impoverished children through the Los Angeles Urban Project:

    “I met families struggling with money, immigration and violence in their communities. I couldn’t turn away or retreat to my own world because I was there too.”

    She says her experience tutoring and living in south LA forced her to question her faith:

    “The Jesus I knew was loving, but a little too shiny and clean. This Jesus, the one I met in south Los Angeles saw those on the streets whom I had overlooked because they made me uncomfortable. He didn’t call people to show up at church once a week, and pray before dinner. He called people to leave everything behind, literally, in order to love those whom society had forgotten….”

    She says this was a defining moment, but the real question is what she was going to do with this new knowledge.

    “Now is the time where the road splits..Do I seek a life of comfort and choose to ignore the problems facing those at the bottom of society or do I intentionally join in and fight for justice alongside them…?”

    Caitlyn decided that journalism and documentary film-making may be her path toward making a difference in these issues.

    “I am interested in utilizing journalism and documentary film-making to draw attention to human rights and social justice issues in order to catalyze change in our world.” She also says she wants to “highlight marginalized and misrepresented people.”

    She has been working for film companies and service organizations combating human rights, and social justice issues and is pursuing a master’s degree at University of Southern California. The young journalist nicknamed Kit, is still “set up to succeed”, just on a new path and with clearer vision.

    1. I think your lead and first paragraph do a decent job setting the stage for the later discussion about how she expanded her horizons, but in a story of this length it feels to me like you took too long to get there. You could’ve brought in her epiphany earlier and then blended some of the other facts about her privileged upbringing into the narrative later, and that would’ve kept the contrast in my mind throughout.

      When bringing in quotes from an article she wrote, you should make the attribution specific from the beginning. “As Caitlyn Michelle Hynes says” makes it sound like you interviewed her personally.

      That said, using a personal essay she wrote as a basis for part of the profile was a good idea. But I think you quote too heavily from it, and you let those quotes dictate the structure of the second half of your story. It would’ve been better to paraphrase, use shorter quotes and blend all that together into your own narrative.

  7. Paige Parker has gotten quite good at striking gold — or at least, her résumé seems to be covered in it.

    In high school, she won the Girl Scout Gold Award, a prestigious award reserved for young women who design and execute projects that benefit their local communities.

    After a stint at Southern Methodist University’s Edwin L. Cox School of Business, she found her way to gold and cardinal covered campus of the University of Southern California, where she studied business with an emphasis in entrepreneurship. There, she found community in Kappa Alpha Theta or “Theta,” a popular social and philanthropic sorority whose gold and black coat of arms is reflected in the large gold kites they give to new members each year, welcoming them to the selective group.

    Aside from being an enthusiastic member of her sorority, present in many event photos posted to Theta’s Facebook page, she also appears to be a spirited USC fan.

    The top of her Twitter page features a photograph of the football team raising their gold and cardinal helmets into the air. She punctuates her bio with the school’s battle cry, “Fight on!” One of her few public Facebook albums is titled “#FTFO,” a popular and more emphatic version of that same cry.

    Her passion for the school is evident in a tweet from last year.

    “Just walked out of my last undergrad class at @USC ever …” she tweeted to her gold covered profile on Dec. 5. “ … Too late to start over?”

    The university’s official Twitter account replied to her that same day. After congratulating Parker on her graduation, the person behind the school’s official Twitter account responded to the second part of her tweet (“… Too late to start over?”), reminding her “… there’s always a master’s degree.”

    Less than a year later, Paige Parker is back at her familiar gold and cardinal campus, this time as a graduate student in the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism.

    1. The phrasing in your lead is weird. You’ve got one metaphor, the striking of gold, but then you take that phrase back almost immediately and now have the resume covered in gold. It’s not exactly a mixed metaphor, but you’re mixing two ideas rather than just picking one and going for it.

      Seeing as how you carry the idea throughout the piece, I think “Paige Parker’s resume is covered in gold” would’ve been the way to go. And that also avoids the cliche of striking gold.

      Small note: Since you use the attribution to break up that tweet and omit its middle section (which was a good call), you don’t need the ellipses. They just make the paragraph hard to read.

  8. The University of Southern California’s Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism is elated to welcome, Joy Hahn, a versatile, dynamic and experienced multi-platform journalist.

    Hahn earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland, College Park, where she majored in Communication Studies with a double major in English Language and Literature. She also speaks Korean and Spanish. While living in the D.C area, she interned for The Baltimore Sun, ABC 2, and NBC News before moving to Woodbury, New York where she was an intern for News 12 Long Island.

    From 2012-2013, she held various positions at the Department of Veteran Affairs in the nation’s capital. While co-hosting Veteran Affairs News, Hahn was responsible for helping compose news packages which aired in the White House, Pentagon, and other government buildings. She then moved into public relations spectrum of journalism with the VA as a Communications and Marketing Specialist Coordinator. During her time holding this position, she constructed strategic communication and branding plans, wrote and analyzed press releases and newsletters, while managing and updating all social media outlets.

    Her ability to speak multiple languages proved to be beneficial in 2013, working as an English instructor for the Korean American and Education Academy in Chantilly, VA. Corporate Communications and Recruiting was the official job title Hahn carried for a little over a year as team member at the QVine Corporation. In February, Hahn used her experience to transition to AllCom Global Services, where she’s also a key cog in the Corporate and Communications and Recruiting department.

    1. This lead sounds like a press release that would come directly from USC. The comma in front of her name also makes the sentence grammatically incorrect.

      But you do a good job pulling together a few sources to craft the story of Joy.

      “Cog” has a negative connotation. Go with another word there.

  9. Profile Assignment: Elrasheed Rasha Ali
    AKA – Rasha Ali

    Rasha Ali is a recent graduate from the University of California Santa Barbara where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Global and International Studies. While attending UCSB, Ali was active in student affairs and community projects ranging from coastal clean-up to serving as an elected representative for the student body.

    Serving as the External Vice President of Local Affairs in 2010/2011, Ali spearheaded an alternative event in an effort to minimize the negative consequences of massive student gatherings during Halloween and spring break. Large crowds are not uncommon in the seaside community of Isla Vista and would often reach 1,000 revelers. In 2009, a population explosion occurred during the spring gathering known Floatopia due to extensive social media. According to the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department, nearly12,000 partygoers descended upon the unsuspecting community taxing city resources, including law enforcement and medical personnel. In addition, the lack of sanitary conditions and proper crowd control resulted in injuries and damaged the sensitive oceanfront ecosystem.

    Ali Co-Chaired the Pan African Student Union whose primary purpose is to educate the UCSB student body about African related issues and culture. Their annual events include the African Cultural Show and Taste of Africa. Under her direction, the organization expanded through community outreach, collaboration and coalition building. Her social mindedness allowed the young coed to practice numerous skills stretching well beyond the classroom.

    Currently, Ali is attending USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism where she plans to pursue a career in entertainment broadcast journalism.

    1. You have good information here, but I’d describe the tone as overly informative. This doesn’t mean you have to editorialize Rasha’s life, but you could rework some of these facts to craft an anecdote that would grab the reader at the start of the story.

      On that note, I’m left wondering just what happened with her efforts to curb all the partying during Halloween and Spring Break. What did she do? Was she successful? If you couldn’t find the answers to these questions in your research, I think that section of the profile should’ve been minimized. Right now it takes up a fair amount of space yet still feels incomplete.

  10. http://21050.ascjclass.org/2015/07/29/profile-of-jonathan-andrew-shifflett/

    Profile of Jonathan Andrew Shifflett

    By Stephanie Haney | July 28, 2015

    In quite the telling and foreshadowing coincidence, the layout for one of Jonathan Shifflett’s early music blogs found on Tumblr is based on a theme called “The Minimalist.” This is telling and foreshadowing because Jonathan’s online presence is exactly that: minimalist.

    What I can tell you about Jonathan Shifflett is that what is available to learn about him online is incredibly consistent. Jonathan Andrew Shifflett is a man who appreciates sophistication and dedication, and has felt that way for the better part of a decade, according to what he told G. S. Whitt in a 2007 interview with the Napa Valley Register. When asked what initially attracted him to his future study of music after high school, Jonathan said,

    “Well, I’ve been surrounded by music for a long time and I’ve just sort of gradually shifted into it. I’ve gone through a lot of different phases with music and this complements the best. It shows a lot of sophistication, a lot of dedication, and that’s what I look for in my activities.”
    After graduating from St. Helena High School, Jonathan channeled that desire for sophistication and dedication into the study of classical guitar at, and graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree from, the University of Southern California (USC) Thornton School of Music. Though most recently being cited as playing a “wicked fiddle,” it is his appreciation for music collectors, not necessarily fellow musicians, that stands out most when we take a peak into the man behind the music interest that is Jonathan Shifflett.

    Jonathan’s appreciation for collectors of music is so intense that it took him on a year-long, cross-country road trip, starting in California at San Francisco and extending all the way to the east coast in New York City, for the purpose of interviewing record collectors about their particular music libraries, specifically on vinyl. The fruits of this labor later found its way to Jonathan’s co-created blog, webseries and corresponding Instagram account called Vinyl Asides . It is this body of work that makes up much of the only bits of information we can glean about Jonathan Shifflett from online sources.

    Currently, Jonathan Shifflett is enrolled in the Masters of Journalism program, also at USC, where he is making more of a splash on social media, having recently joined the twitterverse under the handle @jon_shifflett. We are not sure where this particular road will lead this traveling minstrel, but at the absolute minimum we look forward to seeing Jonathan’s musical musings in 140 characters or less.

    1. I like what you’re trying to do in this first paragraph, but it could be pared down to one sentence: Something like: “Try to look up Jonathan Shifflett online, and you would not be surprised to learn he choose a Tumblr theme called The Minimalist.” To call out the foreshadowing (twice) is to tell and not show, and the opposite (showing and not telling) is usually preferable.

      The “wicked fiddle” line is also interesting, and that could’ve even been your lead instead.

      Despite what you say about him not having much of an online presence, it seems like you did find some good stuff and built a narrative around that.

  11. It’s hard to pin down Stephanie Haney. With quite the illustrious background, Stephanie comes to USC Annenberg to, as she stated in class, bring deeper meaning to her life’s work. As a graduate fellow, the Ohio and North Carolina transplant will be conducting research beyond the scope of the regular curriculum. Stephanie is taking on such a studious role after recently quitting her job at the Creative Management Entertainment Group, though it was a ‘bittersweet’ departure. She will always consider the team part of her Los Angeles family, as they witnessed her personal growth and nurtured her confidence in moving forward. In fact, some of Stephanie’s candid interactions with her coworkers, during which she is not shy to tell it like it is, were documented on the E! reality show, Drama Queen. The series peers into Stephanie’s boss Marki Costello’s hosting academy, for which she served as director of admissions and general legal advisor. The outspoken blonde brought her legal savvy, having earned her law degree before passing the California bar in 2011. While an academic, Stephanie definitely knows how to have fun, as she plans bachelorette parties through her business, Yes Your (Maid Of) Honor. She is also not afraid to step into the spotlight, as a TV host and swimsuit model. A veteran of many a simmering photo shoot, Stephanie firmly believes that smart is sexy.

    1. Looks like you lucked out with Stephanie, who’s had much more written about her than a lot of the other students.

      You bring a lot of that into the profile, which is good, although it feels like you’re listing out facts about her without much direction.

      I think in this case you could’ve used a longer lead that pulls everything together and pretty much functions as a nut graph as well. Something along the lines of: “Lawyer, reality TV star, swimsuit model, party planner, journalism student — Stephanie Haney is a hard woman to pin down.”

  12. Gina Dawn Presson is no stranger to change. She was born in Richmond, VA and then moved to West Central Florida where she became a producer for Tampa Bay news stations. From one sunshine state to another, Presson again moved to Los Angeles where she is pursuing a masters degree at USC’s Annenberg School of Journalism.

    The recent move is undoubtedly a major shift in her life given her strong East Coast roots. According to The Duke Chronicle, she heavily credits the University’s news and TV outlets for laying the foundation for her interests. She cut her teeth in Tampa’s political news scene, eventually earning a Suncoast Regional Emmy nomination from her work as producer at WEDU. Her son attends art college and her daughter graduated from Florida State University’s theater department. Person is an active presence within the Tampa Bay art and film communities and will likely become equally involved in her new Los Angeles home.

    She enjoys sailing on pirate ships, riding horses when the spirit moves her, and listening to Frank Sinatra, Paul Simon and Rod Stewart.

    1. I like this lead.

      “Undoubtedly” is one of those words that raise my eyebrows, and I always think someone is trying too hard to convince me of something. Other editors might have a different opinion.

      That last line feels a bit like something from a profile on a dating site? I’m not sure if that’s what you were going for.

  13. The artists that history remember reflect the biases of culture, but no absence is as keenly felt by Brooks Institute of Photography graduate and professor Donna Granata as the lack of female artists from cultural consciousness. An accomplished photographer, she has lamented the lack of female artists in the history books, and has declared her mission to bring an equal representation of gender to Focus on the Masters, the non-profit archive of artists that she founded in 2004.

    A quick look through the artists featured in FOTM archive reflects the mission of Granata as much as the organization as a whole. She preserves the work of accomplished artists on the pages of art history that are historically littered with men. “When I established Focus on the Masters, I really made a conscious effort to document as many women as men,” Granata explained to Ventana Monthly. “It was just the right thing to do.”

    Beyond her non-profit, Granata’s own career and accomplishments are illustrious – her portraits are currently housed in the Smithsonian’s Archive of American Artists and she was awarded the Lifetime Achievement in the Arts award by the Ojai Arts Commission in 2012 along with being the executive director of the non-profit. Yet her impact reaches far beyond the gallery walls. She is a shaper of culture, using her nonprofit as a vehicle not only to preserve art but also to provide arts education in local schools. Granata’s efforts ensure that she and the artists in the archive will be remembered in the history books.

    1. I think you’re trying too hard with this lead. I would leave her title out of the first sentence. Also, it should be “remembers” instead of “remember.”

      I might sometimes err towards the side of simplicity, but I think you could just go with something like: “There are not enough female artists in the history books for Donna Granata.”

      Beyond that, seems like you found some good info.

  14. Cindy Robinson

    All Star WSU Athlete attends USC for Masters in Sports Broadcast Journalism. Cindy Robinson, 23, was born on October 6, 1991 in Downey, CA to parents Renauldo Robinson and Paulette Blalock and has a younger sister named Sydney. Robinson graduated from Norwalk High School where she was a member of the High Honor Guard and graduated with a 4.12 GPA. Shortly after graduating, Robinson moved to Washington to pursue her degree in communications at Washington State University. Standing at 5’9, Robinson was an all-star athlete for the Cougars track team whose specialty was the sprint with her best time for the 200m at 24.10 seconds back in 2012.

    While at WSU she hosted the Bad Girls of Sports radio show, worked in the athletic communications office and was a reporter for the Mouth To Ears website, a WSU publication. Robinson currently is a Masters student at USC pursuing a career in Broadcast Journalism and goes by the Twitter and Instagram handle “Cincerly_yours”. Cindy would like to become a Sports Broadcaster and has interest in organizations including Popsugar, Fox, and BET network.

    1. What you have here instead of a lead is a subhead of some kind. A lead is part of the actual article, so it needs to read like a complete sentence, or an interesting sentence fragment.

      Having her age and the year of her birth in the same sentence is repetitive.

      Looks like you did find some good information about her, although it’s presented in an overly dry fashion.

  15. Tashina Fleming derives her strength from her family.

    I learned from Google that Tashina grew up with two brothers in Marion, Ohio and Boise, Idaho. Her mother, Rossitta Fleming, works in the Department of Special Education and Early Childhood Studies at Boise State University. Tashina’s father, Scott Richard Fleming, was a member of the United States Military for 23 years. He served in Operation Desert Storm and the War in Iraq.

    Tashina’s social media shows that she inherited both her mother’s passion for education and her father’s spirit of service. In 2015, Tashina graduated summa cum laude from Boise State University (BSU), where she majored in Communications English with an emphasis in Journalism and Media Studies. While at BSU, Tashina underwent a journey of personal growth and decided to dedicate her time to helping her peers live better and healthier lives. Her blog in The Arbiter- Boise State’s Independent News Source focused on, “promot[ing] optimism and clean-living in an effort to empower and inspire other college students.” Tashina’s YouTube channel revealed videos of her practicing a school presentation on the importance of engagement.

    Tashina can now spread her well-intentioned message to a brand new cohort: her peers at the Annenberg School.

    1. Solid lead.

      I don’t think you need to use first-person here. You could replace “I learned from Google” with “A Google search reveals,” or something along those lines.

      The sentence that references The Arbiter is cumbersome and difficult to understand at first glace. Just go with “The Arbiter” next time, because that second half sounds more like the publication’s PR tagline than its official title. If you want to provide more context for what The Arbiter is, you could go with something like “her blog in The Arbiter, an independent publication at Boise State, focused on…”

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