Homework: Audio Slideshow

Create an audio slideshow in Soundslides.

Export the results to your computer.

Use Fetch or Filezilla to load the “publish_to_web” folder onto the server in your personal folder.

Now go to your folder on the live website, and click on the “publish_to_web” folder. Your audio slideshow should appear.

Leave the link here in the comments.

(If you need help with Soundslides, here is a video tutorial that goes through it step by step.)

Due: Friday, 11:59pm

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  1. Intro:

    Firefighters are painted as heroic figures in society. They are always on the forefront of natural disasters, forest fires, and even medical emergencies. What we do not see is the countless hours they spend away from their families and the unusual things they encounter on a regular basis. A captain and a firefighter paramedic give insight into what a day in the life of a first responder is like.


  2. Intro:

    Versatility in hair styles is a major part of the African American culture. Weaves, braids, twists, dread locks, curls, and perms are just a few of the different looks. As of lately, more and more black women have decided to embrace the natural textures of their hair. Instead of using products that apply heat to their strands, they are trying alternative methods to avoid heat damage. This video explores the diversity of natural hair styles.


      1. One more time, because I didn’t previously realize I could insert a heading, and credits:


        Culver City, California might be Los Angeles County’s best kept secret. This dynamic community sits on the easternmost edge of West L.A., and has a lot of stories to tell. Long-time resident Victor Varadi shares some of his with ATVN’s own Stephanie Haney:


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