Homework: Profile of a Source From Your Group Project

Students write a profile of one source used in their group project. May be completed as text, a digital element, or an audio/video script.

If text, the profile should be 300 to 500 words.

If writing a script for audio or video, the length should be no more than one minute and 30 seconds.

There are no length restrictions for the digital element, as this will depend on the tool you choose. Email Keith in advance if you have questions.

Email text profiles to Miki at mpturner@usc.edu

Email audio or video scripts to Vince at vince.gonzales@usc.edu

Load digital elements onto the server and email the link to Keith at plocek@usc.edu

Note: You are not required to do all three. Just pick one format please.

Due: 5pm on Friday

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