Summer Immersion 2015 Group Project Requirements

We anticipate that your group project will bring together some combination of video, audio, stills, webtext, interactive graphics and other digital elements to create a unique story form.  Toward that end, a successful project must fulfill these three requirements:

  1. Your group must decide on an anchor element around which the whole multimedia project is structured. Possible focal points for your project may include (but are not limited to):

A. A longform webtext anchor piece (or series of smaller text pieces) totaling at least 1,000 words. You must use the best practices of web by including links, photos, infographics and other digital or visual elements.

B. A video anchor piece that may have narration or may be a first-person/natural sound piece. This piece should be at least two minutes.

C. An audio anchor piece such as a tracked, stand-alone radio report, a first-person/ambient sound piece, or an audio slide show. This piece should be at least two minutes

D. A digital anchor piece such as an infographic, google map, or interactive (like a timeline).

  1. Regardless of what your group chooses as an anchor element for your project, you must also make use of other content, including multimedia, digital, and audio/visual elements. Your project must use three of the four elements listed below:

A. Some form of video. If your anchor element is not a video piece then this might include two or three short video interview clips or MOS/voxpop videos

B. Some form of audio. If your anchor element is not an audio piece then this might include short audio clips of interviews, an audio Q&A, a voxpop sound piece, or one or more short audio slide shows.

C. Some webtext (totaling 600 words). If your anchor element is not a longer text piece then this might be two sidebars related to your larger project, a Q&A with an interview subject, or a short profile of someone connected with your story. These elements must also follow the best practices of webtext and include links and photos (and perhaps small digital elements).

D. Some digital elements. If your anchor element is not a digital element then your project must have at least two digital elements – an infographic, an interactive (like a timeline), a data visualization, etc.

  1.  Your group member bios (with still photos) must appear as part of your project. These will go on a separate page and do not count toward the text requirements.

Design, placement, and organization of your project elements is totally up to you and the constraints of the template you have been given.

Homework: Profile of a Source From Your Group Project

Students write a profile of one source used in their group project. May be completed as text, a digital element, or an audio/video script.

If text, the profile should be 300 to 500 words.

If writing a script for audio or video, the length should be no more than one minute and 30 seconds.

There are no length restrictions for the digital element, as this will depend on the tool you choose. Email Keith in advance if you have questions.

Email text profiles to Miki at

Email audio or video scripts to Vince at

Load digital elements onto the server and email the link to Keith at

Note: You are not required to do all three. Just pick one format please.

Due: 5pm on Friday

Homework: Audio Slideshow

Create an audio slideshow in Soundslides.

Export the results to your computer.

Use Fetch or Filezilla to load the “publish_to_web” folder onto the server in your personal folder.

Now go to your folder on the live website, and click on the “publish_to_web” folder. Your audio slideshow should appear.

Leave the link here in the comments.

(If you need help with Soundslides, here is a video tutorial that goes through it step by step.)

Due: Friday, 11:59pm

Homework: HTML Class and Infographic

Homework Assignment #1:

Review the W3 Schools HTML Tutorial. (You can stop at HTML5.)

There are exercises at the bottom of each lesson. Those might be helpful in the event you have a quiz. (You will have a quiz.)

Homework Assignment #2:

Make an infographic on any topic. Save the infographic on your computer and then load the image via FTP (with Fetch or Filezilla) into your personal folder on our server. You’ll know you were successful if you can see the image inside your folder on USC Story Space. Click on the image and then drop the full URL in the comments on this post.

The link will look something like this:

Due: Monday before class.